Thursday, February 13, 2020

The importance of family through crises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The importance of family through crises - Essay Example Her Graphic novel Persepolis brings out a clear picture of the revolutions that took place in Iran when she was young and how it had negative impact to the population. During the revolution the populations experienced inhuman treatment and torture from the shah regime. As a result, majority of the people lost their lives in their own mother land due to ruthless treatment and persecution that was the order of the day. The narrator of the novel is much interested in history of Iran and what might have led to the persistent wars and struggles. In this case she much concentrates on the revolutions and the main agents of the revolutions. At her tender age, she does not understand the reason why the Iranian women put on veil and the reason why her country does not permit the adoption of western cultures and ideas. This comes at a time whereby the government demands each and every female head should put on a veil as a sign of respect to the Islamic culture (Satrapi, 2007) The story depicts the character trait of people who surround her. For instance, her mother is portrayed as a good advocate for the rights of women and the guardian of the revolution. Through the crises she join strong forces to ban the forcefully imposition of women to put on veil. As an activist she clearly understands her rights and in this case she does not allow to be intimidated by the Islamic laws. Marjane father is portrayed as a caring father. He stands out as a strong contender of the freedom of individuals supporting his family all through. He respects the decisions made by her daughter and promotes her liberty. As the story continues we learn that even though Marjane father comes out to be liberal, she points out that he did not have much influence to her life. In this case she owns much to her uncle and her grandmother. Marjane grandmother is also a caring woman as depicted throughout in the novel. The novel depicts several crises that revolve around Iranian community. Throughout the cris es Marjane family is able to stand up and defend their rights. Her close relation with her parents created in her the ability to air out her voice in tough circumstances. Her ideas and concepts about religion are shaped up by her parents who even give her the freedom to freely participate in social activities with her friends. She attends a school where there is separation of sexes in the essence that girls and boys are not allowed to mingle freely as this is against the Islamic faith. Her parents turn out to be great supporters of liberty and education this is evidently seen when they send their daughter to go and study abroad even after she is expelled from her home school. They place much emphasizes on the importance of education throughout Marijane life, his further supports her idea of marriage even though he knew it was not going to work. In this case they give her liberty to make her own decision so as to learn from her own experience. The family in this concept comes out as a source of comfort and support throughout the life of the narrator. This support is very essential in the sense that it gives an individual the ability to know how to address and deal with conflict. The family has molded her in such a way that she can stand up and defend her rights. In the novel it is depicted that her values clash with the values of the society. For instance, she has a own rules, wears chains to school and even smoke all these are against Iranian religion and culture. Her

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