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Critical thinking for resort management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Critical thinking for resort management - Essay Example It is also considered as the pattern of several collaborative behaviors that are taught to the new members of an organization as a way of feeling, thinking and perceiving. Organizational culture affects the way groups and people interact with each other, with stakeholders, and with several clients in an organization. Several organizations in this world follow different types of organizational cultures. In terms of business perspective, organizational culture is also known as corporate culture. Culture of an organization can be identified through its business performance, employee management, customer services and structure of hierarchy, decision making strategy and information flow. Major Elements of Organizational Culture Organizational behaviors, values, beliefs and assumptions are considered as the major elements of organizational culture. The behavior allowed within an organization is a key element which is crucial to the strength of that organization’s corporate culture. Organizational behavior includes several things, such as use of technology by the employees and dress code of all the members of an organization. Organizational value is considered as one of the major element of the organization’s corporate culture. The value of an organization has great impact on its employees and members. The value of an organization can dictate the particular behaviors exhibited by its members. Examples include dedication to effective customer service, accountability of individual behavior, and personal and corporate integrity. Assumptions and beliefs are considered as the fundamental elements of an organizational culture. Leaders or the managers of an organization develop several strategies and implement those on the basis of assumptions and beliefs. These assumptions and beliefs are directly related with the organizational performance. The organizational beliefs can influence and motivate the managers to treat their colleagues and subordinates with valua ble respect that they actually deserve. Positive beliefs enhance effective workforce and business outcome. In addition to these, there are other elements that contribute to an effective organizational culture. Symbols and rituals are also referred as key elements of an organizational culture that enhances employee and employer morale. Organizational Culture’s Relationship with Organization’s Strategy and Performance Effective and strong organizational culture helps the managers of several departments within an organization to motivate their employees. Organization with effective corporate culture follows high business ethics that enhance high business performance and employee morale. An employee always expects significant compensation and reward against their hard work and effective performance. In addition to this, strong organizational culture helps the managers to develop effective strategies that can successfully drive the organizations towards business objectives. Therefore, it is important for an organization to maintain effective and strong corporate culture to maintain motivated workforce, significant strategy development process and high business output. Section 3 A review and critical thinking on resort management would help to help to establish the link between the culture of organization, the strategic management of the organizations and the future performance as an implication of effective strategies. The resorts and hotels are solely a service-based industry and thus the main assets of these resorts are the

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